The Elusive Geocache

This morning when I looked out of the window it looked like it was going to be a good day for a walk – there was no rain forecast until later on in the day so mum and I decided to go to Manswood.


Back in October mum and I did a series of geocaches, there were 30 in all I think. We found all of them except 2 or maybe 3 which was pretty good going because they were all really unique and some of them were puzzles. No 2 of the series is just a regular type cache but it’s location has eluded us for all these months – we’ve looked every time we go past that way, but today – WE FOUND IT!

We’d started off doing a different route but I decided to make it a “dog’s choice” walk so we did a bit of an odd circuit but it did mean that we ended up walking past No 2 so we could stop and have another look.

This is me investigating this pathway through the woods.


We’d walked along here before but usually we turn off and get back on the usual footpath – today we carried on to the end and saw a house in front of us.


Where can we be? Oh.. surprise, surprise, we’re going to join the path that we usually walk up. That’s the good thing about having no sense of direction!


I think we’ll take this path again next time because it was a lot less muddy than the other one!


There are lots of nice houses in Manswood. This next one has a lovely garden with lots of bird feeders and a very pretty cat that usually runs away when we walk by. Today it was sunbathing on a table and just watched us as we passed the house.


This is the Old School House – it’s got lots of scaffolding on it and they’re doing lots of work.


We walked up past the School House and along the track that was going to lead us past the elusive cache No 2!


Here we are! I’m not going to tell you where it was and definitely won’t post a photo of the actual cache. After all these months it was mega exciting and as we hadn’t intended to go geocaching we didn’t even have a pen or any of my stickers. So we’ll have to go back another day to sign the log.


At the end of the track we have to walk along the road for a short distance. It’s a very quiet road so I’m allowed to walk on my own without a lead on!


We have to turn into a field just before a house and we walk past another of the caches in the series. Can you spot it?


We’re supposed to cross this field and walk over to near that tree in the distance but I did a quick check and ran back to let mum know that something was going on.


Look! It’s one of those spray things on the back of a tractor – I didn’t really fancy walking across the field that had just been sprayed with something.


We sat and watched for a while to see where he was going to go. It’s a ginormous field and if he was going to go up the other side then we’d have lots of time to walk across. Look at the size of those arms! The spray was coming out bright green and smelt really funny so we went back to the road and walked on the other side of the hedge.


This is where we were walking, just about half way down the lane until we got to where the footpath crossed the road.


Look, he’s still at it – and he’s up in the top of the field so we could have walked across.


Phew, all that road walking made me really hot so I had a good old wriggle down in this fab puddle. I love a bit of mud to cool me off.


And we’re walking past another of the geocaches – I bet you can spot this one!


This was where I flushed out 3 pheasants! They’re all a bit stupid at the moment and are really easy to chase and get them to fly.


After a bit of pheasant flushing it was time to sit down and have a rest in the bluebells.


And then we were almost finished our walk.


This is going to be a pretty tree when the bluebells come out in flower – it fell over and they’re still growing up in the air!


April and May is the best time of the year for walks because everything is starting to grow and there are always lots of flowers. So watch this space for more bluebells really soon!


The First Post

Hello! It’s me again!

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