The Woodpeckers

Me and Pickle the cat are very lucky because we have a huge garden with lots of trees and stuff. Usually the woodpeckers are down the garden pecking holes in the trees but this year they’ve made a nest in a tree just behind the garage.

Okay, first things first. Go get your glasses if you don’t have good eyesight! Or if you have a big camera with one of those zoom lenses and want to come and take proper pictures, just pop on by.

Anyway, this video shows you their nest and you can see mum and dad getting a bit flustered flying around in the background. They don’t seem to mind us in the garden but if we go near the nest we have to hide and they’ve got beady eyes and know we’re there.

Exciting huh?

And this next one isn’t as close but you can see mum, or maybe dad, going to feed the wee head banging babies. Hopefully the first video has given you a clue as to where you’re supposed to be looking!

Noisy little peckers aren’t they!


Wild Garlic Galore

We knew it was coming and now it’s here… wild garlic time. It’s all flowering and smelling like garlic, well, I suppose it would be a bit odd if it smelt of roses. So, tonight we walked up to the wood where there’s lots of it.


So of course I had to sit in it.


I don’t mind, I’m used to it. And I get treats for posing nicely.


And I’m not in all the photos, just almost all of them. But not this one.


Or this one.


Or this one. That’s the path we walk along – soon we won’t be able to walk this way because it will be overgrown with nettles like it is on the other side of the wood.


It’s quite tall garlic.


And I’m quite small.


And there’s lots of it.


And only one of me.


Almost out of the wood now… and back to the clearing in the middle.


Which leads us out to this field we have to walk across.


And then out onto the lane to Cockroad Farm. We’ve never met any cars on here so I don’t have to go on the lead.


It’s a lovely old building with what looks like a very nice walled garden… that we can’t see into.


But you can see the perfectly trimmed yew hedges and the pollarded apple trees.


We walk through their gate which is where the bridleway goes, to Half Moon and Manswood. We’re not sure where Half Moon is, it’s not on the OS map.


Here I am in their driveway, about to walk down that path into the woods.


It’s a nice track and all downhill to the village.


It comes out along this path where there are always some pheasants to chase – here I am running back after following a trail back into the woods.


And the black splodge in the corner of the field is me just before I ran into the crop and had to do some proper ‘springing’ like a springer spaniel, so I could see where I was going!


Almost back now, we’re at the Old School.


And then on the final path back to the car. It’s been another great flower walk on a lovely sunny evening. 16 degrees with a chilly breeze from the north.


Bluebells Galore

The bluebells have been around for ages but right now they’re at their best – all in flower and smelling absolutely fabulous.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, how about that.. WordPress will let me do a slideshow instead of making you scroll through a gazillion photos, even though I think you should have to scroll through them all because I had to walk miles and spend countless hours minutes posing.

Not that my walks are all bluebells, I do get to chase loads of pheasants. Even though the shooting season is over there are still loads and loads of them – lots of big fat cock pheasants strutting around with their ladies.

I also get to see lots of sheep and lambs


And in the field right next to where we park my transport there are a whole bunch of the cutest little calves you’ve ever seen!


They look quite big here


But they’re actually really small and skinny! I wonder if I should tell them to try and stay that way… growing big and fat isn’t going to be good for them.


Of course, it’s not all pheasants, sheep and bullocks… sometimes we bump into the very rare tree climbing cattus wildicus.



Eight, eight, eight!!

On the 29th April I was eight years old so I’m now totally grown up! And, of course, it goes without woofing that I’m now going to be totally sensible all of the time. Well, maybe not quite all the time, but maybe 95% of the time.. but I’m a dog and I haven’t a clue about percentages, so take that with a pinch of tripe crumbs.

Anyway, I was given lots of presents and we all had a lovely day.

Now, I wonder what’s in this big box from Miss Jazzy, my fat plumpcious cat friend!


Ooh sausages and chewy bones!


This ‘cat’ bag is from my Auntie Susie and Maja, Shelby and Ilka. I can almost get my head in it!


I want to open this one all by myself..


Can you tell that I just love chomping my way through tissue paper? I can make a big mess and then I get to find out what’s inside the parcel.  It was a Beco Bear with odd ears – he’s pretty wonderful and makes me go all growly and silly.

Later on we went for a walk in the woods – this is me sitting in the wild garlic.


And when we got home I tried on my new Leuchtie led light collar that mummy and daddy gave me. It’s a super-bright one in orange, so now I can leave my old red one in the car so I have one if we’re out late and it gets dark. Be Safe Be Seen… especially important when one is a black dog that goes totally invisible in the dark!


It’s pretty wonderful isn’t it!


I’m a little disappointed that my photos are so titchy today! I know I have to economise on the giggybites but this is a bit over the top. Next time I’ll make sure I get them a bit bigger but we’re still having a few problems with this new blog, not to mention the silly Mac ‘Photos’ which just makes me want to grrr.