Eight, eight, eight!!

On the 29th April I was eight years old so I’m now totally grown up! And, of course, it goes without woofing that I’m now going to be totally sensible all of the time. Well, maybe not quite all the time, but maybe 95% of the time.. but I’m a dog and I haven’t a clue about percentages, so take that with a pinch of tripe crumbs.

Anyway, I was given lots of presents and we all had a lovely day.

Now, I wonder what’s in this big box from Miss Jazzy, my fat plumpcious cat friend!


Ooh sausages and chewy bones!


This ‘cat’ bag is from my Auntie Susie and Maja, Shelby and Ilka. I can almost get my head in it!


I want to open this one all by myself..


Can you tell that I just love chomping my way through tissue paper? I can make a big mess and then I get to find out what’s inside the parcel.  It was a Beco Bear with odd ears – he’s pretty wonderful and makes me go all growly and silly.

Later on we went for a walk in the woods – this is me sitting in the wild garlic.


And when we got home I tried on my new Leuchtie led light collar that mummy and daddy gave me. It’s a super-bright one in orange, so now I can leave my old red one in the car so I have one if we’re out late and it gets dark. Be Safe Be Seen… especially important when one is a black dog that goes totally invisible in the dark!


It’s pretty wonderful isn’t it!


I’m a little disappointed that my photos are so titchy today! I know I have to economise on the giggybites but this is a bit over the top. Next time I’ll make sure I get them a bit bigger but we’re still having a few problems with this new blog, not to mention the silly Mac ‘Photos’ which just makes me want to grrr.



2 thoughts on “Eight, eight, eight!!

  1. Boo…for some reason I can’t Like your post even though I login to WordPress… But I did like it 🙂
    I especially like how you can be all grown up and not been grown up at all! I’m 6 and I still love tearing wrapping paper. Sometimes it’s more fun that the present. Humans have some funny ideas about what makes a good present sometimes…


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