Bluebells Galore

The bluebells have been around for ages but right now they’re at their best – all in flower and smelling absolutely fabulous.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, how about that.. WordPress will let me do a slideshow instead of making you scroll through a gazillion photos, even though I think you should have to scroll through them all because I had to walk miles and spend countless hours minutes posing.

Not that my walks are all bluebells, I do get to chase loads of pheasants. Even though the shooting season is over there are still loads and loads of them – lots of big fat cock pheasants strutting around with their ladies.

I also get to see lots of sheep and lambs


And in the field right next to where we park my transport there are a whole bunch of the cutest little calves you’ve ever seen!


They look quite big here


But they’re actually really small and skinny! I wonder if I should tell them to try and stay that way… growing big and fat isn’t going to be good for them.


Of course, it’s not all pheasants, sheep and bullocks… sometimes we bump into the very rare tree climbing cattus wildicus.




3 thoughts on “Bluebells Galore

    • Phew, yes it is.. it popped up with the option when I asked it to insert the photos. If I’d known I’d have put the whole lot in. Usually I make one in Flickr, I think, but every time I forget how I did it and it takes ages, so this is much easier! Got worried there because my email notification said it requires java and all I saw was photos and no videos or slideshow.


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