The Woodpeckers

Me and Pickle the cat are very lucky because we have a huge garden with lots of trees and stuff. Usually the woodpeckers are down the garden pecking holes in the trees but this year they’ve made a nest in a tree just behind the garage.

Okay, first things first. Go get your glasses if you don’t have good eyesight! Or if you have a big camera with one of those zoom lenses and want to come and take proper pictures, just pop on by.

Anyway, this video shows you their nest and you can see mum and dad getting a bit flustered flying around in the background. They don’t seem to mind us in the garden but if we go near the nest we have to hide and they’ve got beady eyes and know we’re there.

Exciting huh?

And this next one isn’t as close but you can see mum, or maybe dad, going to feed the wee head banging babies. Hopefully the first video has given you a clue as to where you’re supposed to be looking!

Noisy little peckers aren’t they!


4 thoughts on “The Woodpeckers

  1. Coooooool….wish we had a tree like that with birds living in it! We just have noisy magpies in the area and they come and peck moss off the roof, and peck open rubbish bags if anyone is silly enough to leave them out!


  2. Well look at that. I rather unfaithfully ‘unfollowed’ you and then ‘followed’ you again and hey… presto as they say when the rabbit pops out of the magicians suit cuff when it should have sprung out of a top hat and no one told presto the rabbit where he should hide, I have an email saying I am ‘following’ you, even though I was all along but sadly no one had told WordPress.

    Still lovely pictures, and wonderful blog as always.


    • Well thank you indeed Cat… much appreciated, I shall try to provide occasional nice things to entertain you a little. The woodpecker family all fluttered off and left without even a goodbye… I guess that once they jump out of the hole there’s no going back for them… it’s flight or bust.


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