Flowery June

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk at Manswood – our first stop was at the big log where there are usually lots of feathers but this time┬áthere was a collection of woven circles that looked like bracelets. None of them were big enough to fit round my neck so I didn’t try one on.


Here they are close up… someone has spent time making these!


We didn’t have time to sit for long… I had sniffs to sniff and grass to eat and the task of finding a nice place in the trees to do what I needed to do. Well, if bears can do it, so can I!! I bet bears wouldn’t stop to pose by some flowers.

After all the flowers in May, it’s looking a bit bald at the moment, so we decided to count up how many different flowers we could see.


And here they are!

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We also spotted this non-flower! Maybe it’s an egg plant?


On the way home we pass a field of poppies which we thought would make a nice picture. Unfortunately I couldn’t get over the gate and there wasn’t a dog gap, so this is a completely dogless photo. It also looks like its out of focus but the original looks fine – we tried one with more mbs but it looks pretty much the same as the low quality one. Maybe clicking on it will bring up a bigger one. Or maybe photos just need a dog in them for the camera to focus on. Any suggestions gratefully received.

IMG_1345 (1)

Anyway, that’s our June flowers for you. I wonder what July will bring…