A Saturday with Hintza

Hintza goes home tomorrow morning so today we had lots of fun out on walks and he also had a special treat – a trip to Blandford to meet my granny while I stayed home and had a snooze.

Anyway, first thing this morning we had a run around the garden and then later on we went for a walk up over the hill to Woodcutts Lane. As usual, Hintza takes the lead wherever we go.


He’s very nosy and likes to check everything out, including the horses in the field.


We stopped for a while at the bench and checked out the cloud situation… but decided that we’d probably be safe.


Hintza is a bit of a goody two shoes and just watched when I went down through the nettles to the green pond.


BOL I think maybe the green stuff on my nose is a bit of a giveaway that it was me that went for a swim and not Hintza!


A quick shake and it was gone, or most of it anyway. I was all cooled off and ready to get back onto the job of sniffing out good sniffs with Hintza.


He seemed to like running through the wheat and barley. It’s quite tall so if he wasn’t boinging all we could see was his tail and the tips of his ears!


This is where we turn round if we’re not walking down Woodcutts Lane. We were going to do that but I thought it was going to rain so I sat down and gave mum my ‘look’ so we turned round instead.


After we got home, we had a spot of tripe for lunch and then mum took Hintza to meet my granny. She timed it so it would be after lunch and before afternoon tea & cakes… he’s a bit of a foodie!! He was very well behaved and he got lots of pats from people.


He got a bit fidgety after a while, can’t blame him for that… he’d found one of granny’s pet doggies in her room so he took it for a walk and gave it a good nomming. I’m not allowed to do that!!


Shortly after fidget-fest they said goodbye to granny and came on home again. We had a couple of hours rest before going out for our second walk. This time we went back to Manswood and went a different route than yesterday.


Lots of great pheasant smells here – I went off for a run in the long grass but Hintza was too big to fit under the gate so he pretended he was being a good boy! This is a nice spot behind some houses with lovely green short grass.


A bit further on we walk past this cute little cottage where a man does welding and makes some great things out of metal… he made the plaque on the big log that we were both standing on yesterday. You can see another one on the front of the garage in the third picture.

This is a fab cobweb gate and along the path you can probably make out a huge circular rings that make a kind of tunnel.


You can see it better here – mum would love it in our garden, she’d have it covered in climbers. Just behind it on the left are some silver metal hurdle things, like crowd barriers, but these have rows of notes along the top section – so maybe they’re for using at outdoor music concerts. They’re pretty cool but a bit far away to take a good photo.


You can see the GGM plaque here.. and another great gate with an ammonite pattern on it.


Enough of the boring stuff, it was time to get back on the walk and find some pheasants to flush out.


Hintza was off out in front again and poor little me was getting left behind – hey, guys, wait for me!!


The weather was a bit odd, hot one minute and cloudy and chilly the next. We didn’t think we’d get rained on, if we were lucky.


I took a dip in this ditch, it was nice and cool and chalky.


Tasted quite nice too… does Hintza’s bum look big in this? He’s a bit of a wuss and only got his front paws a tiny bit wet.


Yay! I was out in front for once…


Birds have been in here somewhere, we were doing the ‘spread out and sniff’ tactic but didn’t find anything.


So, another Manswood walk over and it was time to go back home again.


Hintza’s Holiday

My friend Hintza has come to stay with us again, just for two nights this time, so I’m going to take him on a couple of my walks while he’s here. He was hoping to have a catch up with Bilbo, Freddie and William but they’ve been despatched to the kennels as their humans have got some¬†functions to attend. How mean can humans be. Their lives should revolve around us pups.

Anyway, Hintza arrived after lunchtime and we spent the afternoon relaxing before we had our tea and then went out for a walk at Manswood. Here we are walking down the track until we got let off our leads – before we got out of the car a big fat pheasant walked right by and mum didn’t want us rushing across the road to chase it… she has no sense of adventure.


Hintza trotted on ahead as if he knew which way we were going to go.


He spends all his time sniffing… must be a boy thing, or maybe the sniffs here are better than the ones over in the New Forest. If he’s not sniffing then he’s weeing.


Mind you, I have to confess that he did manage to find some pretty splendid smells that even I couldn’t resist.


I showed him the feather log but today there were no feathers and only a couple of the woven bracelets were left.


We were only doing a short walk so we took the path up towards the old tumbled down cottage.


And then we took a shortcut along the the bridle way.


Hintza is very good at his recall. Every time mum called him or whistled, he stopped and ran back straight away, without even finishing his sniffing or looking. I usually stop and give her a ‘do I have to?’ kind of look before I run back, especially if I know there are no yummy treats in her pocket.


Towards the end of the walk he’d got me having a sniff at everything too. He was a bit interested in this slug that didn’t appreciate having a cold wet nose sniffing it.


We’ll be doing longer walks tomorrow but for now this walk was over and it was time to get back in the car.


He has the back seat which has been covered with a big cover so that he doesn’t make a mess of the seats… his little golden hairs get everywhere! So do mine, but because they’re black they don’t show up. BOL if I’d been a golden spaniel mum would have got a car with tan coloured upholstery!


What a poser…


Home again and Pickle has got a hungry tummy so she’s being brave and walking right past Hintza. He’s being a good boy and ignoring her.


Tripe time! I don’t mind sharing my tripe, as long as we both get some.


Bed time now – if the weather’s nice tomorrow we’ll be doing some nice walks and I might persuade mum to do another blog… whoa, that would be two days in a row…