A walk to the postbox

This morning mum had a letter to post so instead of walking down to the postbox in Hinton Martell, or leaving it sticking out of our letterbox for the postman to collect, we thought we’d be adventurous and walk up to Chalbury church and then along to the Chalbury postbox. Yes, we certainly like to live life on the wild side.

Pickle comes with us on some of our walks, if she’s not too busy catching mice, but when we walk up to the church she usually stops at the bottom of church field and waits for us. Today she said she fancied going to the top of the hill.


She was hollering a bit but we just ignore her and she runs to catch us up.


She gave me a little nuzzle when we got to the top of the hill.. she’s a nice cat sometimes.


She managed to get through the kissing gate


And then stopped by the church to have a look around


before we walked through the churchyard to the lane that goes to the postbox.


Pickle walked through the church gate and was striding off towards the steps down to the road. It’s only a very little road but we didn’t think it would be a good idea for us to go that way with her following us. Occasionally we meet other dog walkers and not all dogs are like me, some of them would like to eat cats (not mentioning any names, but my pal Bear the ‘cute’ Bichon is one of them).


Instead we walked along the driveway up to the Old School, down to the post box and then turned round and walked back again.


I’m eager to get back to the field and on my way home but Pickle was having a good sniff at everything and lagging behind.


Last as usual. The gate was closed but it has big gaps for cats to walk through.


She even wanted to investigate the churchyard and went to look at some of the gravestones.


It’s a pretty churchyard with lots of really really old graves and sadly some not so old ones.


Ah well, we can’t lurk around the church all morning so we headed off back down through the field along the footpath, Pickle was lagging behind again.


And then she got her second wind and ran all the way down to the bottom of the hill! If you look carefully you can see that she’s in mid-gallop in this next picture.


Galloping tires her out though, so by the time she gets to the footpath she’s turned into Miss Grumpy Cat and is panting and ready to swat anyone that gets too close to her!


Ewwww what horrid creature has been and left the most delightful disgusting stinky stuff on the footpath?


This next bit is a little bridge because it gets really really wet and muddy in the winter. Last year it was all so overgrown with nettles and brambles that we stopped walking this way for a long time, but we think the nice men from the council public footpaths team finally came and cut a lovely wide path for us. We reckon they do it about every 2 years. It was clear in 2012 when we walked this way on a Gaunts Common Circular Walk  and it’s been done only once before since we moved here.


See how good it is? The brambles are already sending out new long stems but mum takes secateurs, when she remembers, and chops them off, or bends them over. Other walkers do the same so between us we might keep it passable for longer.


We’re back at our field at last! Pickle is still catching up so I sit and have a look down towards the stables to see what I can see.


At last, here she comes, taking her time.


Poor thing is tired out after all this walking! She’s more used to lying under bushes in wait for unsuspecting mice and birds. See, she’s got her Miss Grumpy ears on!!


And when we get back home she can’t wait to get in for a bit of a snackerooni before a nap.


This was the summary for our walk today… 1.13 miles isn’t bad for a cat! Jeez, 48 minutes for just over a mile – mum and I can usually do about 3 miles in an hour, including photo stops – that’s why we don’t let Pickle come with us on all our walks!