New Forest Walk with Hintza

Today we drove out to the New Forest to meet up with my pal Hintza and his humans. We walked just over 5 and a half miles and only got a little bit lost because everyones phone was running out of battery.


Hintza was mostly out front leading the way, with me and our mums next and our dads bringing up the rear.


Here’s Hintza in first place, striding out. He’s hard to see amongst all those leaves!


It was quite chilly but it didn’t stop me having a paddle in a stream. It rained a lot last night so there was lots of water everywhere, all lovely and clean.


I think this bit was where we were walking up to a castle. Not that we saw a castle but it was marked on the map so I think it must have fallen down and been buried in leaves.


There were horses and cattle grazing in the forest and this is one of the gates we had to go through. As usual Hintza got there first.


We met lots of people while we were out – this pretty dog was called Lila and her humans were all on bicycles!


Most of the walk was along nice gravelly tracks.


This was a posh bit that was like a proper road.


Here are some of the cattle we saw.


The New Forest is huge and most of it looks the same.


This is Hintza saying hello to a rather large black dog that we met.


And here we are on the last bit of our walk heading down towards the road and the Red Shoot Inn.


Darn, mum chopped my head off – this is a very lively cockerpoo that we met.


He had lots of fun running round doing zoomies chasing Hintza and me.


Here Hintza is the little dot right out in front with his mum, the bonkers cockerpoo is running down to see him and I was being quite sensible.


Phew, I think we were all glad to see the cars waiting for us where we’d left them.


And then it was off to the Rose and Thistle at Rockbourne for lunch. Hintza and I were both really tired so we stayed out in the cars and had some lamb tripe before a little snooze. This is a picture of daddy’s steak and kidney pudding – he said it was delicious. If you’re on a diet and would like to read the menu, here it is.


This was mummy’s RAT burger and chips. There wasn’t really any rat in it, it was just a Rose And Thistle burger but there also wasn’t any sign of a rose or a thistle in it. She said it was all yummy though. I’ll have to take her word for it because I didn’t get to try it but she did bring me back a doggy bag with some leftover cheese.


So, it’s been a busy week for me.. my diary has been quite full lately – I might just take it easy for a little while.



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