A night on the town

Well it wasn’t really a night on the town like humans do, but tonight mum took me to Stewarts Garden Centre to see Santa’s reindeer and afterwards we went into town to see the lights. Dogs have to keep away from the reindeer but we didn’t have to worry about that because they were right over the other side of their enclosure having a snooze.


Rudolph got up though and came over to say hello and have a drink out of his huge water bucket. He had lovely big antlers.


Mum bought some mealworms for the birds and when I was waiting for her to pay for them the nice ladies behind the tills talked to me and gave me two yummy scooby snacks! Afterwards we went down to Wimborne and walked all around the streets to see the lights.


This is Wimborne Minster, it’s the name of the church as well as the town.


The Christmas lights were very pretty and there other people walking around too and I got lots of tummy rubs from nice people who stopped to talk to me.


Nearly all the shops were shut but it was nice looking in the windows.


This is another picture of the Minster.


This is a huge Christmas tree that’s in the Square which is in the middle of town.


There weren’t many shops open but we went in the Chilli Shop, I got lots of attention there and I said hello to a black labrador. They were doing chilli tasting outside and were giving people mulled cider. I like shops that like dogs. If you’re in Wimborne and you like chilli you should call in because it was a really good shop.

Black Pug Books was also open but we didn’t want to buy any old books so we didn’t go in that one, I just sniffed at the door to see if I could smell the black pug.


Well that was about it, town is full of loads of strange smells and people but I think I prefer walking in the woods because I don’t have to be on a lead.




5 thoughts on “A night on the town

  1. Lovely to see Wimborne in all it dark mysterious grace. Actually looking at the Square it reminded me of Sevenoaks, but enough reminiscing thanks for the great pictures, I love the twinkling collar, is that for all night time walkies or a Christmas thing you couldn’t resist in an in-flight catalogue?

    How nice of the good people in the Chilli Shop to entertain you, which did you like best the Chilli or the Mulled Wine? Mulled Wine is the stuff that they serve through and old sock to encourage you to ‘Mull’ later isn’t it?

    Sadly I don’t drink but you wouldn’t guess from my ‘obvious’ vast knowledge of how alcoholic beverages are served would you?

    It’s always great to see your pictures.


    The Cat


    • My twinkly collar is a Leuchtie which is super bright and I can even swim in it. Not that I swim in the dark but it helps mum see where I am because in the dark I go invisible! Bet you didn’t know I had super powers! Mum’s not too keen on mulled anything, this was mulled cider and I think she’d have preferred it pre-mulling.


  2. Teagan, your town looks very pretty with all the lights. I think that is the first time I have gotten to see the town instead of one pub.We haven’t done our lights yet. I’m sure Downtown Milford has all the store windows, small trees on the walk, everything lite up I just haven’t seen it. We got snow flakes today but nothing stayed on the ground:)


    • We’ll try for a few more non dog or pub photos! We don’t often do that sort of picture because it’s difficult to get me in them too and I do like to be in all the pictures! It’s a toasty 13 degrees here at the moment so not even a hope of a single snowflake.


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