Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas! Miss Pickle and I have been getting very excited and sniffing the presents which are under the light tree. Yes, we haven’t got a green one like normal people, we’ve got a sticky brown one with lights on it.


I had to put on my santa outfit and then had to get in the car because we were going somewhere…


Yay! It was a trip to visit granny. This is me sitting beside her… I’m waiting for her to open her presents.


Granny lives at Blandford Grange and it’s a bit too hot there for dogs. After a while I always get a bit bored and start getting fidgety so I asked daddy if I could go out and sit in the car.


They didn’t stay long after that because we had to get home so daddy could prepare vegetables and baste the turkey.

When we got home I had a big surprise waiting for me… look at what was hanging from our back porch!! Oh dear, it looks a bit like the Clampits live here doesn’t it with stuff everywhere, but hopefully you can just make out the ‘bird’ hanging there and looking at me. How exciting is that!! My bestest human pal Simon has given me and Pickle the cat a turkey!


Dad didn’t have time to think about turkeys though, he had to get started peeling vegetables and stuff and mum and I had a walk to do. So after a slight delay while mum peeled vegetables and daddy sat with a bandaged finger (yep, he likes those big knives and had a klutz moment), we went for a walk while daddy put things in the oven.


After our walk at Queens Copse we all came home and ate lots of yummy food. This is me nomming my Christmas dinner.. totally yummy, turkey, stuffing, pig in a blanket, a sprout, carrots, swede and a bit of parsnip.


After our dinner we went and sat by the fire to have a rest and open some pressies.This is me opening my present from my beau Mr Kipling!


I’m very good at opening parcels and make sure I shred every last bit of paper before I get to the actual present!

Isn’t this the most wonderful blankie? It’s even got my name on it and it’s my favourite colour pink too!


Merry Christmas everyone and best woofs for a tripetastic 2017.


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. I think your tree is very pretty. Tell your Daddy to be careful when he is peeling veggies. I love your blanket. It is beautiful.
    Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas !!!
    Sending you lots of hugs.


  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I was away over Christmas visiting @heatheralex’s mum, and we did lots of frosty walks on the common. I had a poorly tummy at the start and then again at the end when we drove to York to visit friends, so it wasn’t my best holiday ever (too much starvation involved!) but thankfully my tummy seems to be behaving itself now and so I’m being fed again. Yay! All the best for 2017, Teagan – hope it’s a great year for you 🙂


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