The Fog

Today it was foggy. Very foggy indeed. This morning we went for a walk up to Chalbury church and round the ‘block’, though it’s not very square so it probably shouldn’t be called a block.

Anyway, we started off by walking up the field and playing ‘spot the horses’ – can you see one?


Ah.. I spy with my little eye, two things beginning with H!!


When we got to the top of the hill it wasn’t as foggy and we could even see blue sky, the church and trees and houses!


The rest of the walk was along little roads and not very exciting, mum wanted us to go up through the fields but I put my paws down and refused to move until we headed towards home.

Walk No 2 today was at Tarrant Rushton Airfield. We’d been to Blandford to visit granny and stopped there on our way home. It was only 0.5 degrees so I left my new blue equafleece on and wore my blue Leuchtie LED light collar


This is the memorial.


And here is the plaque close up.


And off we go… hmmm, I wonder if anyone else is here. I can’t see anything at all. Just the concrete road and fog.


It didn’t really get much more exciting so here is a slideshow of the other photos

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The best bit was when I spotted the baby roll of hay and mum helped me climb on top to have my picture taken!


Tomorrow it’s going to be very cold and foggy… again.

Oh well, spring will be springing soon and then we’ll be walking in snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells – our favourite time of year – I can’t wait, maybe I’ll just hibernate for a few weeks.


Queens Copse

This winter we’ve been doing lots of walks at Queen’s Copse starting off from a parking place up on the Horton Road. We used to walk here if we started from Lower Row and walked up through Holt Forest but sometimes that was really muddy. From this parking area you can do a walk all on nice gravel paths or you can walk through the woods instead.


This was the walk we did today. Only a small section was on the gravel path, mostly we walked on the little paths through the woods.


We start off by taking the first track to the left and walk through the trees – this bit is just a little diversion and takes us back to the gravel track. We’ve tried to find a way through the woods but there just aren’t any pathways and we don’t like battling with brambles and mum’s no good at leaping over streams.


This bit of the walk is really nice in the sunshine.


When we get back to the gravel path we only have a little way to go before we get to the junction where we can choose to walk round the paths in either direction. Or we can turn right and walk up through the woods which run along by the fishing lakes. Today we did that. This is me by a tree that has been blown over.


We had to go through quite a lot of mud to get this far but it’s not too bad. There are also some fallen trees across the path to climb over.


After about a mile and a half we could take this path that goes along past Horton Tower but we don’t.


We carry along the little pathway that goes through the woods along the edge of the field. And then we have to cross this stream – the bridge is collapsing and the wood is really skiddy so it’s fine for paws but not so fine for mum’s wellies. She has to climb down a bit and stand on a broken tree trunk and then jump across.


This path eventually comes out on the gravel track and we have to walk along that for a little while before we go back into the woods.  There’s a funny little wigwam someone has built. I don’t know if it’s rainproof but we might try it if we get caught here in the rain!


And here is another little bridge to get across yet another little stream.


We do a little triangle bit of a walk here, it’s mile 3 on the map up there. This goes down into Holt Forest – this is a posh area for birds and bats. There are lots of bat houses on the big old oak trees and each house has a number on it, so they can get their bat post delivered. They might not all be bat houses, some are black plastic houses and some are wooden ones.


This is like a cul-de-sac for bats, a big circle of old trees and they all have the little numbered houses on them.


After the triangle walk we end up back at the long leafy pathway through the woods. This is our favourite bit, especially when the sun’s shining.


This picture is when we’re almost back at the car and we walk up this path past the tree with a bottle wedged underneath some ivy. Can you see it? I wonder who put it there and why they didn’t take it home and put it in their recycling. We pass lots of drinks cans and bottles so sometimes we take a carrier bag and collect them up to take home. We met another lady doing the same thing as us one day so the woods were really tidy after that!


There is a lovely pond on the left, just out of the picture, and sometimes I have a paddle. The water is lovely and black and very cold indeed! This bit of the woods is Horton Wood.


Almost back now so I take some time out to check some pee mail. Lots of dogs go for walks here but we don’t often see any of them.


And here I am back in the car, pooped and ready to go home for a snooze… after having my feet washed in a washing up bowl.


Here is a little slideshow with all the pictures and a whole lot more.

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I hope you enjoyed your walk with us and that you’d wrapped up nice and warm! It was only about 4 degrees today so it was pretty nippy!