The Fog

Today it was foggy. Very foggy indeed. This morning we went for a walk up to Chalbury church and round the ‘block’, though it’s not very square so it probably shouldn’t be called a block.

Anyway, we started off by walking up the field and playing ‘spot the horses’ – can you see one?


Ah.. I spy with my little eye, two things beginning with H!!


When we got to the top of the hill it wasn’t as foggy and we could even see blue sky, the church and trees and houses!


The rest of the walk was along little roads and not very exciting, mum wanted us to go up through the fields but I put my paws down and refused to move until we headed towards home.

Walk No 2 today was at Tarrant Rushton Airfield. We’d been to Blandford to visit granny and stopped there on our way home. It was only 0.5 degrees so I left my new blue equafleece on and wore my blue Leuchtie LED light collar


This is the memorial.


And here is the plaque close up.


And off we go… hmmm, I wonder if anyone else is here. I can’t see anything at all. Just the concrete road and fog.


It didn’t really get much more exciting so here is a slideshow of the other photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The best bit was when I spotted the baby roll of hay and mum helped me climb on top to have my picture taken!


Tomorrow it’s going to be very cold and foggy… again.

Oh well, spring will be springing soon and then we’ll be walking in snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells – our favourite time of year – I can’t wait, maybe I’ll just hibernate for a few weeks.


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