Weatherby Castle

Woof! I’d forgotten all about this fab walk until someone reminded us about Weatherby Castle! We walked here in September 2010…

Teagan Times

Today was lovely – blue sky and sunshine, just right for a nice long walk. We parked over at our usual spot in Turners Puddle and started off by walking up Kite Hill and then through the woods and down the hill past the ancient monument we found last weekend. The footpath leads down to a track that goes right down to the main road.

When we got to the main road we stopped to have a look.. there’s a gate that goes through to a layby with a bus stop and a milestone.

It was a very old milestone, you can just make out the word Dorchester but not the distance which is about 11 miles.

Anyway, we went back through the gate and along the lane  and then walked under the dual carriageway! A kind of upside down bridge under the road, mum says its called a tunnel.

This little…

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4 thoughts on “Weatherby Castle

  1. Such a nice county and a lovely walk.

    When I reread your blog, WordPress told me I wasn’t following you which was a bit odd as Worpress sent the blog to me a sure sign I was and have been.

    Then I thought to myself, I was following this pooch, though I should be leading like Pickles, but we’ll leave that for a moment.

    When I clicked to follow you ‘again.’ WordPress told me my email address was invalid and didn’t allow me to follow you, which is why I am only logged in, in my imagination and this comment doesn’t exist. Because we all know you can’t comment on a blog unless you are logged in. Unless you are a divinity of course!

    Hang on does that mean that WordPress is going to worship me? Oh how nice! I don’t know what to say.

    No that isn’t true I always know what to say and here it is. “Why did it take so long to realise WordPress? That’s what I want to know?”

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    • Yes it was a lovely walk, I remember it well, all that running back and forth and finding that huge thing in the woods and of course the geocache! Re-posting blogs is cheating a bit but how many folk spend hours trawling through blog history. Well, mum does sometimes but she’s easily distracted.
      As for the logging on and not existing lark, well, that’s all a bit too confusing for my small brain. I just know that sometimes its pretty difficult to get logged in to leave comments, which identity to use… and then those dreaded captcha things. My how we hate those, it can take several attempts before it thinks we’ve got the right answer. And those pictures, all that clicking on ones that have a bit of a road sign in them, or whatever. Way too complicated for Sunday mornings!
      Enjoy being worshipped by WordPress and have a splendid Sunday.

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    • Nothing too exciting but yes we’ve been geocaching and done a couple of new walks… and there are photographs in folders on the desktop. Lots of nearly but not quite blog posts.
      I need a new typist.


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