Bath time

I’m almost 9 and a half years old and I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about a bath. It’s not that I’ve never had one, I’ve had lots, but I mostly have proper baths when I visit Hilary my groomer. In between it’s just quick washes outside, or sometimes not so quick, depending on how dirty I am.

It’s not very often that I get plonked in the big human bath upstairs. Today I was. What had I done? I wasn’t particularly mucky, I’d not rolled in anything… but I got put in the bath. Apparently I’d been sent some shampoo and I needed to try it. Really? They didn’t ask us to try it and take embarrassing photos, so was it really necessary? Best not to argue with the chief feeder. Dogs need to be bathed and I’ve not had one since my last hair cut.

I always look small and sad looking when I’m wet.


After I’m wet I get lathered up, bubbles everywhere and at that point it’s not really very convenient for mum to stop and take photos because I always get an unstoppable urge to shake. Outdoors that’s allowed, but in mum’s bathroom? I don’t think so.

Anyway, after the rinse, it’s a rush for mum to get a big towel on me because by then I just can’t resist the urge any longer. It’s not very satisfactory shaking when I’ve got a towel over me but any shake is better than no shake at all. I’m not actually very good at shaking water off but it does feel good.


Two bath towels later and I’m all dried of and looking fluffy… and smelling lovely. Time for another mini shake to reorganise my hair.


Well this was today’s shampoo – it’s Neroli with soothing camomile and calendula and mum says it smells absolutely gorgeous. And now I smell absolutely gorgeous too. Personally I prefer things that smell a bit more ‘earthy’ or ‘natural’ if you know what I mean. It was sent to us by the lovely people at Chambers & Co


It also comes in Peppermint & Lavender but I really like the Neroli smell which the nice lady thought would suit me because I’m a girl.

We like natural things and they also do some excellent Natural Tick Repellent that I’ve been using since June this year, it’s made with geranium and lemongrass essential oils and sulphur. Just a couple of squirts before going out on walks. It works really well for me, I’ve had a lot less ticks, in fact I’ve not had one for weeks and weeks now.

I’m still using it but I seemed to get brownish patches where I was sprayed. I always go a bit brown round the edges when my fur grows out but we did wonder if it was the spray so mentioned it to them and they offered to give a refund. As we’re actually very happy with it we said we didn’t want a refund but they sent me some shampoo instead. No one else has had this problem so it’s probably just my age or my very sensitive fur. So, if you have a problem with ticks and don’t like the nasty spot on treatments then why not give it a go. By the way, we bought ours on Amazon but it’s cheaper if you buy it from their website… just saying!

Well, time to show you the finished dog… here I am…


Almost dry and ready to go out in the sunshine. It’s a shame they haven’t invented smelly-vision yet because I really do smell very lovely indeed.


Eek, she put my collar back on upside down. That’s so annoying, when you’re out on a walk and realise that you’re not dressed right!

Uh oh… someone’s in trouble…


While we were in the bathroom Kovu managed to sneak into the guest bedroom and made himself at home on the pillows. He rearranged the cushions as well, tee hee, obviously has good taste and can tell that they clash with the bedding!



9 thoughts on “Bath time

  1. you look lovely. can’t smell you, but I believe you when you say you smell good too. I’m sure Kovu thinks he’s a prince. My two cats think they are princesses. They are always sleeping on pillows.


  2. Where to begin? A bath! That’s nice! Oh sorry I can’t pretend anymore, a bath, what were you thinking? I suppose at nine and a half the marbles roll around a bit and you become more compliant, stop that sort of behaviour it’ll get you into all sorts of scrapes, a bath here, a dose of flea spray there (always be on the look out for that orange can) then who knows what?

    It’s a slippery slope you know, this bathing mularky.

    You are still looking good for your age, even wet!

    Finally it says I can follow you, WordPress must be having a moment or two, maybe they are nine and a half too!


    • I’ve known my groomer since I was a tiny pup and she always gives me a nice bath, even if it is in an old cowshed. It’s just so much easier getting it over with so I just stand still and let them get on with it. I do think it’s unfair that cats don’t get bathed more often… heck, more often?? I mean at least occasionally! Pickle has some dirty habits, rolls around in the horse feed bowls and gets her fur all oily and mucky. On rainy days she comes in soaking wet and two or three times now she’s snuck into the spare room and curled up on the duvet… which results in mum having a fit because she leaves a round yellowy brown patch where the duvet has sucked up all the muck and wet from her grubby little body. Surely she should be dunked into a bowl of warm bubbly water??
      Well done re the following lark, I’d better get the typist sorting out some more blogs then hadn’t I… not that she’ll ever keep up with you, but perhaps one a month should be possible even for her!


  3. Newfs have basically self cleaning hair, when you get it dry everything brushes clean (except Aspens knees). Washing often removes the oil on outer coat that allows them to keep the water away from their heavy undercoat during water rescues. They really only need feet, nails ears trimmed and good brushing. We do spray dirt off feed and legs after woods walk since they come inside. Also since they are inside with me most of the time we do have them groomed to keep them shedding down. Otherwise we would get lost trying to get through all that hair. They are only allowed in the family room, kitchen and hall to outside; that’s the only rooms we use during the day too.

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  4. Oh yes, I have had a bath sometimes. Well, a shower really. Mostly if I have been rolling or walking in something smelly. We’re still using the very large bottle of puppy shampoo (“no tears”, like a baby shampoo, I think) that was bought when I was a weeny wee puppy nearly 8 years ago now…!

    Your blog reminded me of her dash for the towel (pre-shake) and how hard it is to shake properly when you are wrapped up in a towel! After she lets me out of the bathroom, I run downstairs and do mad zoomies all round the living room, up on the furniture, and then of course I get sent outside to zoom…


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