Caught in a Snow Storm!!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I’m stuck indoors with kennel cough.. and that’s a thing and not a handsome young pup. Not allowed to go on an exciting walk until I’ve stopped coughing… So I’m just remembering some of my best walks… this one was great because it snowed on us!

Teagan Times

Well, it’s probably a bit of an exageration, calling it a snow storm, but it was definitely more than a rain shower!!  Anyway, to start at the beginning, on Saturday afternoon we decided to visit the secret valley again. We last went there inMay when the wood was a sea of bluebells so it looked a lot different this time.. the bluebells were just starting to sprout but it was all very brown and muddy.

As we turned the corner by the house at the end of the track we spotted these tombstones at the edge of the wood, for Hippy June 1934 – Mar 1937 and Mott Feb 1933 – April 1937(?) and also Jakie but his dates were covered up. The little stone was for Nat 25 August 1920 – 18 August 1932 and Sheila 1931 – 1946. I wonder who they were.

We walked all…

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