This year I will be ten.

Ten years ago I was one and I had the most fabulous birthday party!!

I’m hoping that this year I will be having another birthday party with new and old friends… sadly a lot of my friends that came to my first birthday party have gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but there are lots of new friends.

Anyway, do click the link above if you’d like to see the party photos, it was such a lot of fun and I really hope I have another party. While you do that, I’m just going to carry on snoozing! That’s what an almost ten year old spaniel does!



6 thoughts on “Ten

    • All paws crossed!! Yes cough has gone *touches paw to wood*.. I started antibiotics on Friday because it wasn’t gettting better and I also had runny eyes and nose. So I’m hoping I’m all better now, I hate going out and being like a leper with mum hollering if we see another dog coming!

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  1. Oh I think you have always been ‘one!’

    Happy a Birthday old girl, I hope your party is just as good as the first. Do post pictures of the Tripe Cake with all its candles, but you can leave out the recipe… heave!

    Nice pictures by the way. Ten years flies by doesn’t it? That’s pretty worrying really.

    Hope you get better completely, I’m now on antibiotics, each year as you get older the number of tablets you have to take seems to increase, still what a good job I take the ones that help me remember to take my tablets!

    Once again Happy Birthday to the nicest Spaniel I know! I was going to say nicest ‘dog’ I know but that makes it sound as though I fraternise with any number of dogs… shudder, what a terrible thought!


    The Cat

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    • The scary part is how quickly ten years has gone by. I just hope the next three months is a long enough time for the humans to plan my party for me.. I’m giving them plenty of notice so they can’t say they didn’t have enough time. Luckily they tend to forget the felines birthdays – Pickle’s official birthday is in September but her ‘gotcha’ day was last week and went by pretty much un-noticed. As for the bengal boys, I think it’s best just to forget about them altogether.
      This post was actually done because I was trying to do another ‘re-blog’ of an old post but the typist was unable to find that option? She was sure there was one… look at old blog post, see it has no views, or very few, and click on ‘re-blog’ – was she imaging it?
      Hey ho, that is just being very lazy but sometimes it seems such a waste when posts get missed. Quite staggering to look at old posts and see hundreds of views on some… probably just bots browsing 🙂


    • It’s at my favourite time of year, perhaps it’s my favourite because I was born then! But it’s when all the best flowers are out and the sun starts to shine every day. December would make it difficult to have an outdoor party, I think you’d have to hire yourself a nice big barn and fill it with hay bales and agility things… which would be perfect for you!


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