The Manswood Mooers

When we go on our walks at Manswood we park the car near this gateway. There have been a bunch of friendly young calves in there for quite a while now and we usually stop and say hello to them.


Earlier this year we noticed that a lot of them were coughing rather a lot (a bit like me and my kennel cough) and some had some nasty scabby patches on their faces, so we have been keeping an eye on them.


In this picture there is still a bit of green and they aren’t too muddy but the field has been getting muddier and muddier and after the snow it was muddier than ever and the poor calves all looked very sad indeed.


There was hardly any grass and even though the farmer has been giving them food the field has been really horrid with no nice dry place for them to go to sleep or lie down and have a rest.




As far as you can see.


And more mud at the other side of the field.


This was on a sunny day this week when they all looked very muddy indeed. It turned out that quite a few other people were also concerned about them and had called the animal welfare people. So Mr Farmer said he would move his calves somewhere else.


The farmer brought a big metal cattle chute thing… fences to kind of funnel them into a narrow bit so they can load them onto transport. This was in the afternoon yesterday and some of the calves had already managed to get themselves stuck in the narrow bit which is too thin for them to turn around and when there’s a queue of calves the poor things aren’t able to reverse their way out. We figured the farmer would come and move them very soon that day.


Some of them were still across the other side of the field which as you can see is mostly brown and very muddy.


Look at this chaps cute little face.. he came right up to the gate to talk to us and he licked mum’s hand. They are even muddier than me when I’ve been on a really muddy walk and rolled in a puddle!

It turned out that the poor calves were still there this morning.. even the ones that were stuck in the metal cattle chute, so more phone calls were made.


The farmer eventually turned up to move the calves and when we went over for our walk the field was empty. Yay!


So, if you see sad animals living in bad conditions, get on the phone and tell someone about it…

We’re hoping that they’ve been moved to a lovely lush green field with fresh water and some tasty food. They only have a short life and that life should be a happy one.

I’ve always liked cows (okay I know that they are bullocks, stop being picky, I’m a dog and I call them cows because they’re big and go moo) ever since I was a wee pup, so just for fun… here is a video of me about 9 years ago getting cow kisses!!