Late Christmas!

Today Mr Postman knocked on the door because he had a parcel that wouldn’t fit through our letterbox! Mum had told me that one was coming all the way from my Newfie friends that live in Ohio, miles and miles away..

I sniffed the box and I’m sure I could smell their gorgeous newfie-ness. Mum had to take off the sellotape, naturally I could have done it myself but it would have taken me ages to chew my way through the box.

Sniff, sniff… I know this smell!
Oh my, look what’s inside!
Squeaky flat critters!
And some Beggin’ Strips
Nom nom, my favourite bacon treat.. apart from the real thing of course!
All that excitement has worn me out..
time for a little nap

I wish I could meet up with my Ohio friends but it’s a very long way away and we’re still waiting for someone to invent a time machine we can use. Thank you very much for my lovely surprise late Christmas present.. I like having a bit of Christmas in January!