It’s Pasty Time!!

Hold your horses, we have to go buy the pasties first and to do that we’re getting the ferry to Fowey. I’ve been on the passenger ferry before but this time I was much braver and did a proper jump from the steps down into the boat. I still don’t like the wiggly feeling and felt safer sitting on daddy’s knee… that served a dual purpose, dried my soggy paws and made me not feel the boat wiggles.


The ferry took us to a different place, it went to Whitehouse because the usual dock is having some work done to the sewage system. There’s a huge metal box thing in the water that people are working inside!


There was a board telling people all about the work, so if you are into that kind of thing, you can read all about it here!


We had a nice wander around Fowey and stopped at The Well House where the humans had some lunch. A nice doggy called Frank lives there and he was very friendly. We both got a treat. Sadly for him, they have signs up asking people to not feed him no matter how nicely he asks or how pleading his eyes are.


The Well House is really old.


It has very low ceilings and lots of nooks and crannies.


After the humans had been fed.. and I had a single biscuit.. we carried on wandering around the town and did a spot of pasty shopping.


We also did a bit of geocaching, just one today, the church micro. We worked out the clues and had to walk up past ‘Place House’ which is a castle-like house and garden in the middle of town, we couldn’t see much because there’s a huge wall around it, but if you’re interested you can see more of it here.


We had to climb yet another hill (there are a lot of hills in Cornwall) and then we found the cache hidden behind a road sign. Yay! Another smiley face on the geocaching map and time to make our way home. We walked down past the church on our way back to the ferry.


And down this little lane.


I did an even better jump across from the steps onto the ferry. We were the only passengers on the return trip – it’s £2.20 for a human and 40p for a dog, no matter what their size, so I reckon that’s quite a bargain!


By the time we had walked up, you guessed it, yet another hill to the car park, the sky was looking very grey with odd bits of sun streaking through. But it didn’t rain on us.


Are you waiting for the pasty?? Good things come to those that wait.. we popped into The Hub at Deerpark where dad had a beer and mum had a gin and I had about four sticks of tripe! Yummy yummy in my tummy. Then it was back to the cabin where dad donned his chef hat and created pasty and beans.


Right.. are you ready for this? Tuck in!


After licking the plates, it’s a tough life being a dog, I was completely worn out and flaked out on my bed.


It’s raining!

This morning I have mostly been snoozing!

Humans are going to find their rain coats and wellies… I heard mention of a Cornish pasty. Sounds good to me.

Helman Tor

Yesterday afternoon we went to Helman Tor. It’s a great big hill with lots of absolutely massive rocks on it.


Anyway, you can see from all the close together lines that it’s a steep hill and at the top we were twice as high above sea level as we were when we had to walk down to Lantic Bay.
I’m not sure if you can see this, maybe you can  make it bigger so you can read all about it.


This is us walking up to the top of the Tor.. and I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T!! No, don’t be silly, it’s not me, it’s T for Trig Point, one of our favourite things!


It was a really good view point and we could see for miles and miles and miles.


The huge rocks were really amazing. Ever so big and some were balanced on top of other ones, but I don’t think they would fall off.


We climbed up to the top and here I am sitting next to the Trig Point. Mum and dad decided that it was probably a bit dangerous for me to be plonked up on top of it just for a photo, phew.. that was a relief! So I just had to sit beside it.


I did stand on top of lots of other rocks though.


There’s an awful lot of sky up here.


Can you see me? Makes you realise just how mahoosive the rock is!


This is the trig point from the other side – yes, that’s me disappearing off to hide behind it and if you look really carefully you can just see a bit of dad. He was hiding behind it and I was supposed to be standing in front of it but every time he went behind it, I followed him. Serves them right for not taking any treats… I’m a diva dog and like my rewards.


We’d seen about all there was to see, and done a quick geocache, where we also captured a Munzee, so we started to make our way back to the carpark, where we had another Munzee to capture.


We took a different route home and on the way we went under this really big viaduct which turned out to be an aqueduct that carries water. I think we might be coming back here another day to do a bit more exploring as it all looks very interesting and there are lots of geocaches to be found,


Woofs until next time.


Deja Vu at Herodsfoot

This morning we went for a walk back to Herodsfoot, the thankful village. When we were last here we did a geocache and weren’t able to get to the cache because they were concreting the church carpark. The cache owner very kindly let us log a find but today we decided to go back to log the cache properly.

Check out the beautiful blue sky… the humans went out in short sleeved shirts today and I had another swim in the stream to keep me cool.

I was getting deja vu here, sitting by the sign, and then in the village it all looked very familiar. The church is at the top of the hill and that’s where we’re headed.

It’s all very lovely – I wonder if the horses on the hill ever take a moment to just stand and look at the view.

We went to the cache location and found it really quickly, so we just signed the log and popped the container back in its hiding place. Then we headed back down to the church, it has a ‘Living Churchyard’ which means that it’s wildlife friendly. It’s very pretty and full of wild daffodils.

The Churchwarden was doing some hedge work while we were there so we stopped for a chat and I met his dog Fred. Fred is a very fine old Labrador and made me feel very small and petite! He had an amazingly long thick soft fur coat which made me think of poor Baldy dog, he would have been very jealous.

We had a quick look inside the church. It looked a bit different since we were last here – there was a big space at the back. The Churchwarden said they are holding a Beetle Drive there on Friday night and invited us to go along.

The church has a very big porch.

We said our goodbyes and headed off back through the village to go home. We walked back through this nice field – last year there were sheep grazing here but it was empty today.

And here we are on the footpath that takes us all the way back to Deerpark.. and lunch!

After all that walking I think I deserve a nice big stick of tripe.

Lantic Bay

Well, the humans promised me that we would be having a nice relaxing holiday this time. When we came to Cornwall in September they pretty much wore my little legs off with all the walking.. I’m going to be 11 soon and I need to look after myself and not miss out on my naps! So, this afternoon dad says we’re just going on a short walk down to the beach at Lantic Bay. It’s down there somewhere.


Well, no one said that it was like a quarter of a mile going down at a very rapid rate. From our parking spot to the beach was 105 metres high. Doesn’t sound very much does it. Going down was actually quite hard on the knees as it was so steep.


This is me standing on a bench… and that’s the beach that we’re walking to. The sign said that it’s only a mere ¼ mile. Easy peasy.


It was all very steep. 


Phew, at last we are down at the beach and back on level ground.


Wow, fab beach or what. 


The tide was going out so the sandy gravel was all squishy and we left big paw prints.


When it’s raining really hard this is probably a big waterfall. Today it was just like being in a shower, dad was trying to tell me I could drink out of the puddles.. but I wasn’t thirsty so I just looked at him like he was a bit mad.


Wishing that Mr Kipling was here with me.


A rock pool just right for a quick dip.


The waves weren’t very big but it was quite dramatic when they crashed into the rocks. 


Almost time to make our way back to the car… it’s up there somewhere.


Tell me you’re kidding. Please. We have to walk back up there?


Phew, it’s not as bad as it looks, we’re nearly there now.


And here we are back at the gate. No more hills!


Not far to go now so we stopped to look at the views and I found a very nice stick.


A little footpath that ran alongside the road so we didn’t have to walk on the road which was very small.


And this is where we’ve been!


On the way home we decided to stop off at Polperro as we haven’t been there for a long time. We parked in a big car park and saw this funny mini that was like two half minis made into a car and trailer. 


The tide was out so no paddling for me.


No one is going anywhere very soon by boat.


We didn’t get there until after 4 o’clock and by the time we’d walked down to the quay it was about four thirty so all the shops were closed. So we had a wander around the really quaint streets. Is this Cornish Venice?


Before we left, we stopped at The Crumplehorn Inn for a drink. Apparently it was really yummy beer. All I got was a crisp. Just one.

On the paw blogging

Human has decided that if people can do it on boats and in far off places, she should be able to do it with good wifi and a comfy couch. So, stand by for a flurry of blog posts… starting off with our first morning at Deerpark.

This was my wake up view.

And this is me in my post breakfast snoozing position.

Sofa viewing spot… I’m doing a lot of woofing when I see other humans or even when I don’t. There are lots of those invisible things here that need woofing at.

Anyway, one cannot lounge around just eating, sleeping and woofing.. so it’s time for us to go for a morning stroll.

We have to cross the stream at the start of our walk and OMD the water is amazing… couldn’t resist just nipping down for a quick paddle.

It may be February but it’s lovely and warm. Mind you, being on our holidays we’re a bit late getting out for our walk so it’s, er, past 10 o’clock.. so not as chilly as it was at silly o’clock this morning when I went out for my first wee.

Come on mum, keep up…

Not quite a trig point, but it’s an old electric cable reel… and mum would reely reely like one, if you happen to have one going spare. This one is rather large and far too big for dad to roll down the hill.. besides, it would never fit in the car.

There are lots of doggies on their holidays here.. this little chap was wearing a rather splendid bright orange puffa jacket.

The paths are all very nice, not much mud at all and the bluebells are all on their way up so it’ll be really pretty in a few weeks time.

This is the road that we stayed in when we came 10 years ago. All the cabins are perched on the hillside balancing on stilts.

These horses passed us when we were out walking.. here they are again back at The Hub.

Well that’s the end of our morning walk… I’m sure our afternoon walk will be even more exciting!

Bath time

I love weekends because daddy doesn’t have to go to work in the mornings! So I get to have snuggly time while the humans drink tea in bed.

Shhh I'm snoozing.
Shhh I’m snoozing

After we’ve all got up and dressed, I go for my Saturday morning walk on Holt Heath with daddy where there are lots of things to sniff and some great puddles. The humans tell me I’m a mucky pup because the heath grit and dirt gets everywhere, so after a walk comes the bath. I’ve also heard about the dreaded Alabama Rot so I always get my feet and legs washed when I’ve been in puddles and boggy stuff.

Bath time

I get bathed in my bright green trug which mummy fills with nice warm water and some of my favourite Neroli shampoo to make me smell nice, along with a separate bowl of warm rinse water. This time of year it’s way too cold to get sprayed with the cold hose pipe. After the bubble bath and rinse, I get towelled dry with clean fluffy towels – if I’m really lucky mum puts them in the tumble dryer for five minutes to make them all soft and warm! Pampered pooch or what!

Some's been watching towel folding videos on YouTube.
Someone’s been watching towel folding videos on YouTube

And after all that washing, I am back to being a clean dog… ready for another nap.

Clean and dry again.
Clean and dry again