Bath time

I’m almost 9 and a half years old and I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about a bath. It’s not that I’ve never had one, I’ve had lots, but I mostly have proper baths when I visit Hilary my groomer. In between it’s just quick washes outside, or sometimes not so quick, depending on how dirty I am.

It’s not very often that I get plonked in the big human bath upstairs. Today I was. What had I done? I wasn’t particularly mucky, I’d not rolled in anything… but I got put in the bath. Apparently I’d been sent some shampoo and I needed to try it. Really? They didn’t ask us to try it and take embarrassing photos, so was it really necessary? Best not to argue with the chief feeder. Dogs need to be bathed and I’ve not had one since my last hair cut.

I always look small and sad looking when I’m wet.


After I’m wet I get lathered up, bubbles everywhere and at that point it’s not really very convenient for mum to stop and take photos because I always get an unstoppable urge to shake. Outdoors that’s allowed, but in mum’s bathroom? I don’t think so.

Anyway, after the rinse, it’s a rush for mum to get a big towel on me because by then I just can’t resist the urge any longer. It’s not very satisfactory shaking when I’ve got a towel over me but any shake is better than no shake at all. I’m not actually very good at shaking water off but it does feel good.


Two bath towels later and I’m all dried of and looking fluffy… and smelling lovely. Time for another mini shake to reorganise my hair.


Well this was today’s shampoo – it’s Neroli with soothing camomile and calendula and mum says it smells absolutely gorgeous. And now I smell absolutely gorgeous too. Personally I prefer things that smell a bit more ‘earthy’ or ‘natural’ if you know what I mean. It was sent to us by the lovely people at Chambers & Co


It also comes in Peppermint & Lavender but I really like the Neroli smell which the nice lady thought would suit me because I’m a girl.

We like natural things and they also do some excellent Natural Tick Repellent that I’ve been using since June this year, it’s made with geranium and lemongrass essential oils and sulphur. Just a couple of squirts before going out on walks. It works really well for me, I’ve had a lot less ticks, in fact I’ve not had one for weeks and weeks now.

I’m still using it but I seemed to get brownish patches where I was sprayed. I always go a bit brown round the edges when my fur grows out but we did wonder if it was the spray so mentioned it to them and they offered to give a refund. As we’re actually very happy with it we said we didn’t want a refund but they sent me some shampoo instead. No one else has had this problem so it’s probably just my age or my very sensitive fur. So, if you have a problem with ticks and don’t like the nasty spot on treatments then why not give it a go. By the way, we bought ours on Amazon but it’s cheaper if you buy it from their website… just saying!

Well, time to show you the finished dog… here I am…


Almost dry and ready to go out in the sunshine. It’s a shame they haven’t invented smelly-vision yet because I really do smell very lovely indeed.


Eek, she put my collar back on upside down. That’s so annoying, when you’re out on a walk and realise that you’re not dressed right!

Uh oh… someone’s in trouble…


While we were in the bathroom Kovu managed to sneak into the guest bedroom and made himself at home on the pillows. He rearranged the cushions as well, tee hee, obviously has good taste and can tell that they clash with the bedding!



Airfield Walk

It was lovely and sunny on Thursday so we decided to go for a walk round the airfield as we hadn’t done a full circuit there for absolutely ages. We’ve been there for mini walks but they don’t really count.


All the round bales are still there including this cute little baby bale, which is just the right size for me, and there are now quite a lot more of the big ones since we last visited.


We can wave at the horses from here – that’s our field right on the horizon, in front of the big oak tree. It’s the lone oak just to the right of centre… I don’t think they wave back at us.


There is a lot of space everywhere here.


And lots of sky as well. Sometimes I hang back so I can run really fast to catch up with mum. Or not. Sometimes I just make her wait for me. That little black dot in the distance is me.


And here’s me all caught up.


They’ve been doing some ‘landscaping’ at the wood chip factory. They’ve placed some huge logs with signs on… we’d like logs like this in our garden.


Look at this huge log pile!


Next to the log pile are lots of piles of the wood chips. We didn’t see the big chipping lorry but if you’d like to read all about the huge lorry that can turn logs into chips really fast you can find it here!


We don’t often see cars and people but today there were some people standing in one of the fields talking.


A bit further on I met this nice collie, she was in season so her dad had brought her here to keep here away from boy dogs. We had a little dance while we sniffed each other and then went on our separate walks.


Look!  A new bench! We love benches and this is number 2 on the airfield.


This one has a little plaque on it.


So it would have been rude not to sit down for a while and look at the view. Thank you Peter Gibbs.


Here are some pink bales. We wanted pink bales this year but Farmer Brian had run out of pink wrap so we had to have the boring pale green again. He said that farmers were only allowed to buy one roll each. Pfft.


Just past the bales is the big bonfire pile. It’s got pallets and all sorts on it, even some great big bits of tree, some plastic flowers, oasis, a big blue plastic barrel and sundry other interesting bits of tat.


Two tractors were out working today. The one in the last picture was smoothing out the field and the other tractor was ploughing.


This is the old bench that we usually sit on.


This is the view from Taff’s bench.


And that was the end of our walk, we were back by the big black hangar near where we park the car. There are no Lancaster Bombers in this hangar any more but sometimes there are cows…


And it’s also home to some double decker buses!

IMG_0670Another walk done.. mum forgot to switch the walk gadget on so it’s missed a chunk, but it’s almost 3½ miles all the way round. Sometimes we’ll walk down round the rectangle on the left hand side, and down to the road by the river so I can have a swim, but we didn’t do that on this walk.  The big straight line you can see used to be the main runway but that’s not there any more.


That’s it for now..


Weatherby Castle

Woof! I’d forgotten all about this fab walk until someone reminded us about Weatherby Castle! We walked here in September 2010…

Teagan Times

Today was lovely – blue sky and sunshine, just right for a nice long walk. We parked over at our usual spot in Turners Puddle and started off by walking up Kite Hill and then through the woods and down the hill past the ancient monument we found last weekend. The footpath leads down to a track that goes right down to the main road.

When we got to the main road we stopped to have a look.. there’s a gate that goes through to a layby with a bus stop and a milestone.

It was a very old milestone, you can just make out the word Dorchester but not the distance which is about 11 miles.

Anyway, we went back through the gate and along the lane  and then walked under the dual carriageway! A kind of upside down bridge under the road, mum says its called a tunnel.

This little…

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The Fog

Today it was foggy. Very foggy indeed. This morning we went for a walk up to Chalbury church and round the ‘block’, though it’s not very square so it probably shouldn’t be called a block.

Anyway, we started off by walking up the field and playing ‘spot the horses’ – can you see one?


Ah.. I spy with my little eye, two things beginning with H!!


When we got to the top of the hill it wasn’t as foggy and we could even see blue sky, the church and trees and houses!


The rest of the walk was along little roads and not very exciting, mum wanted us to go up through the fields but I put my paws down and refused to move until we headed towards home.

Walk No 2 today was at Tarrant Rushton Airfield. We’d been to Blandford to visit granny and stopped there on our way home. It was only 0.5 degrees so I left my new blue equafleece on and wore my blue Leuchtie LED light collar


This is the memorial.


And here is the plaque close up.


And off we go… hmmm, I wonder if anyone else is here. I can’t see anything at all. Just the concrete road and fog.


It didn’t really get much more exciting so here is a slideshow of the other photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The best bit was when I spotted the baby roll of hay and mum helped me climb on top to have my picture taken!


Tomorrow it’s going to be very cold and foggy… again.

Oh well, spring will be springing soon and then we’ll be walking in snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells – our favourite time of year – I can’t wait, maybe I’ll just hibernate for a few weeks.

Queens Copse

This winter we’ve been doing lots of walks at Queen’s Copse starting off from a parking place up on the Horton Road. We used to walk here if we started from Lower Row and walked up through Holt Forest but sometimes that was really muddy. From this parking area you can do a walk all on nice gravel paths or you can walk through the woods instead.


This was the walk we did today. Only a small section was on the gravel path, mostly we walked on the little paths through the woods.


We start off by taking the first track to the left and walk through the trees – this bit is just a little diversion and takes us back to the gravel track. We’ve tried to find a way through the woods but there just aren’t any pathways and we don’t like battling with brambles and mum’s no good at leaping over streams.


This bit of the walk is really nice in the sunshine.


When we get back to the gravel path we only have a little way to go before we get to the junction where we can choose to walk round the paths in either direction. Or we can turn right and walk up through the woods which run along by the fishing lakes. Today we did that. This is me by a tree that has been blown over.


We had to go through quite a lot of mud to get this far but it’s not too bad. There are also some fallen trees across the path to climb over.


After about a mile and a half we could take this path that goes along past Horton Tower but we don’t.


We carry along the little pathway that goes through the woods along the edge of the field. And then we have to cross this stream – the bridge is collapsing and the wood is really skiddy so it’s fine for paws but not so fine for mum’s wellies. She has to climb down a bit and stand on a broken tree trunk and then jump across.


This path eventually comes out on the gravel track and we have to walk along that for a little while before we go back into the woods.  There’s a funny little wigwam someone has built. I don’t know if it’s rainproof but we might try it if we get caught here in the rain!


And here is another little bridge to get across yet another little stream.


We do a little triangle bit of a walk here, it’s mile 3 on the map up there. This goes down into Holt Forest – this is a posh area for birds and bats. There are lots of bat houses on the big old oak trees and each house has a number on it, so they can get their bat post delivered. They might not all be bat houses, some are black plastic houses and some are wooden ones.


This is like a cul-de-sac for bats, a big circle of old trees and they all have the little numbered houses on them.


After the triangle walk we end up back at the long leafy pathway through the woods. This is our favourite bit, especially when the sun’s shining.


This picture is when we’re almost back at the car and we walk up this path past the tree with a bottle wedged underneath some ivy. Can you see it? I wonder who put it there and why they didn’t take it home and put it in their recycling. We pass lots of drinks cans and bottles so sometimes we take a carrier bag and collect them up to take home. We met another lady doing the same thing as us one day so the woods were really tidy after that!


There is a lovely pond on the left, just out of the picture, and sometimes I have a paddle. The water is lovely and black and very cold indeed! This bit of the woods is Horton Wood.


Almost back now so I take some time out to check some pee mail. Lots of dogs go for walks here but we don’t often see any of them.


And here I am back in the car, pooped and ready to go home for a snooze… after having my feet washed in a washing up bowl.


Here is a little slideshow with all the pictures and a whole lot more.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you enjoyed your walk with us and that you’d wrapped up nice and warm! It was only about 4 degrees today so it was pretty nippy!

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas! Miss Pickle and I have been getting very excited and sniffing the presents which are under the light tree. Yes, we haven’t got a green one like normal people, we’ve got a sticky brown one with lights on it.


I had to put on my santa outfit and then had to get in the car because we were going somewhere…


Yay! It was a trip to visit granny. This is me sitting beside her… I’m waiting for her to open her presents.


Granny lives at Blandford Grange and it’s a bit too hot there for dogs. After a while I always get a bit bored and start getting fidgety so I asked daddy if I could go out and sit in the car.


They didn’t stay long after that because we had to get home so daddy could prepare vegetables and baste the turkey.

When we got home I had a big surprise waiting for me… look at what was hanging from our back porch!! Oh dear, it looks a bit like the Clampits live here doesn’t it with stuff everywhere, but hopefully you can just make out the ‘bird’ hanging there and looking at me. How exciting is that!! My bestest human pal Simon has given me and Pickle the cat a turkey!


Dad didn’t have time to think about turkeys though, he had to get started peeling vegetables and stuff and mum and I had a walk to do. So after a slight delay while mum peeled vegetables and daddy sat with a bandaged finger (yep, he likes those big knives and had a klutz moment), we went for a walk while daddy put things in the oven.


After our walk at Queens Copse we all came home and ate lots of yummy food. This is me nomming my Christmas dinner.. totally yummy, turkey, stuffing, pig in a blanket, a sprout, carrots, swede and a bit of parsnip.


After our dinner we went and sat by the fire to have a rest and open some pressies.This is me opening my present from my beau Mr Kipling!


I’m very good at opening parcels and make sure I shred every last bit of paper before I get to the actual present!

Isn’t this the most wonderful blankie? It’s even got my name on it and it’s my favourite colour pink too!


Merry Christmas everyone and best woofs for a tripetastic 2017.

Christmas at Poundbury

This post is really just for a friend but I figured my furpals over the pond might also like to see the photos. Poundbury is the town that Prince Charles invented, it’s just outside the county town of Dorchester. It’s not quite finished yet but a while ago the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla visited to unveil the statue of the Queen Mother on a plinth.

This is a Waitrose supermarket which has a big cafe.

Taken with NightCap Pro

This is the Queen Mother up on her plinth.

Taken with NightCap Pro

This is a new pub that’s called the Duchess of Cornwall.

Taken with NightCap Pro

And here is the Queen Mother on her plinth again.

Taken with NightCap Pro

Anyway, the purpose of our visit was to visit Poundbury Garden Centre which is right in the middle of Poundbury, and every year they have a Christmas display. Two years ago it was ‘The lion, the witch and the wardrobe’ which was really fantastic. Last year wasn’t very exciting at all but this year it was a lot better.

Taken with NightCap Pro

This is on the way in…

Taken with NightCap Pro

These reindeer were the highlight of the show

Taken with NightCap Pro

And this is one of our favourite animals.

Taken with NightCap Pro

A tree.

Taken with NightCap Pro

This was rather fun… a heap of polar bears with some penguins.

Taken with NightCap Pro

And some snowmen

Taken with NightCap Pro

And some more reindeer

Taken with NightCap Pro

Lots of lights and sparkly bits

Taken with NightCap Pro

And still more lights and sparkles

Taken with NightCap Pro

And then there were the strange creatures…

Taken with NightCap Pro

A rather drunk looking camel

Taken with NightCap Pro

Some funny lit up shapes

Taken with NightCap Pro

A disco ball and lots of pretty lights. They had one of the disco ball gadgets left so mum bought it so she can drive Pickle mad.

Taken with NightCap Pro

A whole room full of angels, big ones, small ones…

Taken with NightCap Pro

And the star of the show is the animated cat with her kittens. She’s looking a bit tired now so I think they ought to let mum buy her and take her home.

Taken with NightCap Pro

My favourite post – Bad Doggie!

Is The Cat on your reading list? If not, then it really should be. Fun posts and this one is so funny I thought I’d try this reblogging lark.

The Cat's Blog -

Hello my dear cuddly readers, yes it’s that time of year when people are out shopping for Christmas presents and holiday grub and therefore are left with very little time to do anything else, um… which is why I am posting an old blog I suppose, but honestly I did rather like this post so here it is again.

As you know, every so often I like to single out a particularly naughty member of the Canine brigade and hold him up as a shining example of why you should keep Cats and feed them Prawns everyday!

Bad Dog 55


About the Author

The Cat Portrait2

The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. His sharp elegant wit has produced the bestselling book ‘Getting Out – Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary’ and of course the much plagiarised gag of the same name which appears on all of the…

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A night on the town

Well it wasn’t really a night on the town like humans do, but tonight mum took me to Stewarts Garden Centre to see Santa’s reindeer and afterwards we went into town to see the lights. Dogs have to keep away from the reindeer but we didn’t have to worry about that because they were right over the other side of their enclosure having a snooze.


Rudolph got up though and came over to say hello and have a drink out of his huge water bucket. He had lovely big antlers.


Mum bought some mealworms for the birds and when I was waiting for her to pay for them the nice ladies behind the tills talked to me and gave me two yummy scooby snacks! Afterwards we went down to Wimborne and walked all around the streets to see the lights.


This is Wimborne Minster, it’s the name of the church as well as the town.


The Christmas lights were very pretty and there other people walking around too and I got lots of tummy rubs from nice people who stopped to talk to me.


Nearly all the shops were shut but it was nice looking in the windows.


This is another picture of the Minster.


This is a huge Christmas tree that’s in the Square which is in the middle of town.


There weren’t many shops open but we went in the Chilli Shop, I got lots of attention there and I said hello to a black labrador. They were doing chilli tasting outside and were giving people mulled cider. I like shops that like dogs. If you’re in Wimborne and you like chilli you should call in because it was a really good shop.

Black Pug Books was also open but we didn’t want to buy any old books so we didn’t go in that one, I just sniffed at the door to see if I could smell the black pug.


Well that was about it, town is full of loads of strange smells and people but I think I prefer walking in the woods because I don’t have to be on a lead.



New Forest Walk with Hintza

Today we drove out to the New Forest to meet up with my pal Hintza and his humans. We walked just over 5 and a half miles and only got a little bit lost because everyones phone was running out of battery.


Hintza was mostly out front leading the way, with me and our mums next and our dads bringing up the rear.


Here’s Hintza in first place, striding out. He’s hard to see amongst all those leaves!


It was quite chilly but it didn’t stop me having a paddle in a stream. It rained a lot last night so there was lots of water everywhere, all lovely and clean.


I think this bit was where we were walking up to a castle. Not that we saw a castle but it was marked on the map so I think it must have fallen down and been buried in leaves.


There were horses and cattle grazing in the forest and this is one of the gates we had to go through. As usual Hintza got there first.


We met lots of people while we were out – this pretty dog was called Lila and her humans were all on bicycles!


Most of the walk was along nice gravelly tracks.


This was a posh bit that was like a proper road.


Here are some of the cattle we saw.


The New Forest is huge and most of it looks the same.


This is Hintza saying hello to a rather large black dog that we met.


And here we are on the last bit of our walk heading down towards the road and the Red Shoot Inn.


Darn, mum chopped my head off – this is a very lively cockerpoo that we met.


He had lots of fun running round doing zoomies chasing Hintza and me.


Here Hintza is the little dot right out in front with his mum, the bonkers cockerpoo is running down to see him and I was being quite sensible.


Phew, I think we were all glad to see the cars waiting for us where we’d left them.


And then it was off to the Rose and Thistle at Rockbourne for lunch. Hintza and I were both really tired so we stayed out in the cars and had some lamb tripe before a little snooze. This is a picture of daddy’s steak and kidney pudding – he said it was delicious. If you’re on a diet and would like to read the menu, here it is.


This was mummy’s RAT burger and chips. There wasn’t really any rat in it, it was just a Rose And Thistle burger but there also wasn’t any sign of a rose or a thistle in it. She said it was all yummy though. I’ll have to take her word for it because I didn’t get to try it but she did bring me back a doggy bag with some leftover cheese.


So, it’s been a busy week for me.. my diary has been quite full lately – I might just take it easy for a little while.