Bath time

I love weekends because daddy doesn’t have to go to work in the mornings! So I get to have snuggly time while the humans drink tea in bed.

Shhh I'm snoozing.
Shhh I’m snoozing

After we’ve all got up and dressed, I go for my Saturday morning walk on Holt Heath with daddy where there are lots of things to sniff and some great puddles. The humans tell me I’m a mucky pup because the heath grit and dirt gets everywhere, so after a walk comes the bath. I’ve also heard about the dreaded Alabama Rot so I always get my feet and legs washed when I’ve been in puddles and boggy stuff.

Bath time

I get bathed in my bright green trug which mummy fills with nice warm water and some of my favourite Neroli shampoo to make me smell nice, along with a separate bowl of warm rinse water. This time of year it’s way too cold to get sprayed with the cold hose pipe. After the bubble bath and rinse, I get towelled dry with clean fluffy towels – if I’m really lucky mum puts them in the tumble dryer for five minutes to make them all soft and warm! Pampered pooch or what!

Some's been watching towel folding videos on YouTube.
Someone’s been watching towel folding videos on YouTube

And after all that washing, I am back to being a clean dog… ready for another nap.

Clean and dry again.
Clean and dry again


Late Christmas!

Today Mr Postman knocked on the door because he had a parcel that wouldn’t fit through our letterbox! Mum had told me that one was coming all the way from my Newfie friends that live in Ohio, miles and miles away..

I sniffed the box and I’m sure I could smell their gorgeous newfie-ness. Mum had to take off the sellotape, naturally I could have done it myself but it would have taken me ages to chew my way through the box.

Sniff, sniff… I know this smell!
Oh my, look what’s inside!
Squeaky flat critters!
And some Beggin’ Strips
Nom nom, my favourite bacon treat.. apart from the real thing of course!
All that excitement has worn me out..
time for a little nap

I wish I could meet up with my Ohio friends but it’s a very long way away and we’re still waiting for someone to invent a time machine we can use. Thank you very much for my lovely surprise late Christmas present.. I like having a bit of Christmas in January!

My first Holiday

It’s holiday time and we’re off to Deerpark in Cornwall again! Just me and mummy and daddy. Pickle and the beastly bengals are staying at home with a house sitter. I was only 7 months old when we last went and this time I’ll be 10 years and 5 months old – somehow I don’t think I’ll be able to sniff out any of the pee mail I left last time.

Teagan Times

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last got mummy to do my blog for me. We were really busy getting ready to go on holiday and mummy had lots of work to do and then she wanted to clean the house before we went.. don’t know why she bothered because I can undo all her work in about 5 minutes.

I don’t know where to start, it was such a fun holiday.. we left on the Friday and got there at about tea time. I had my travel crate on the back seat of daddy’s car which was really good because I could see where we were going, but I mostly slept.. a growing pup can never get too much sleep. We were at a place called Deerpark at Herodsfoot near Liskeard in Cornwall and had a wooden cabin in the woods to stay in.. it was…

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The Manswood Mooers

When we go on our walks at Manswood we park the car near this gateway. There have been a bunch of friendly young calves in there for quite a while now and we usually stop and say hello to them.


Earlier this year we noticed that a lot of them were coughing rather a lot (a bit like me and my kennel cough) and some had some nasty scabby patches on their faces, so we have been keeping an eye on them.


In this picture there is still a bit of green and they aren’t too muddy but the field has been getting muddier and muddier and after the snow it was muddier than ever and the poor calves all looked very sad indeed.


There was hardly any grass and even though the farmer has been giving them food the field has been really horrid with no nice dry place for them to go to sleep or lie down and have a rest.




As far as you can see.


And more mud at the other side of the field.


This was on a sunny day this week when they all looked very muddy indeed. It turned out that quite a few other people were also concerned about them and had called the animal welfare people. So Mr Farmer said he would move his calves somewhere else.


The farmer brought a big metal cattle chute thing… fences to kind of funnel them into a narrow bit so they can load them onto transport. This was in the afternoon yesterday and some of the calves had already managed to get themselves stuck in the narrow bit which is too thin for them to turn around and when there’s a queue of calves the poor things aren’t able to reverse their way out. We figured the farmer would come and move them very soon that day.


Some of them were still across the other side of the field which as you can see is mostly brown and very muddy.


Look at this chaps cute little face.. he came right up to the gate to talk to us and he licked mum’s hand. They are even muddier than me when I’ve been on a really muddy walk and rolled in a puddle!

It turned out that the poor calves were still there this morning.. even the ones that were stuck in the metal cattle chute, so more phone calls were made.


The farmer eventually turned up to move the calves and when we went over for our walk the field was empty. Yay!


So, if you see sad animals living in bad conditions, get on the phone and tell someone about it…

We’re hoping that they’ve been moved to a lovely lush green field with fresh water and some tasty food. They only have a short life and that life should be a happy one.

I’ve always liked cows (okay I know that they are bullocks, stop being picky, I’m a dog and I call them cows because they’re big and go moo) ever since I was a wee pup, so just for fun… here is a video of me about 9 years ago getting cow kisses!!


This year I will be ten.

Ten years ago I was one and I had the most fabulous birthday party!!

I’m hoping that this year I will be having another birthday party with new and old friends… sadly a lot of my friends that came to my first birthday party have gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but there are lots of new friends.

Anyway, do click the link above if you’d like to see the party photos, it was such a lot of fun and I really hope I have another party. While you do that, I’m just going to carry on snoozing! That’s what an almost ten year old spaniel does!


Caught in a Snow Storm!!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I’m stuck indoors with kennel cough.. and that’s a thing and not a handsome young pup. Not allowed to go on an exciting walk until I’ve stopped coughing… So I’m just remembering some of my best walks… this one was great because it snowed on us!

Teagan Times

Well, it’s probably a bit of an exageration, calling it a snow storm, but it was definitely more than a rain shower!!  Anyway, to start at the beginning, on Saturday afternoon we decided to visit the secret valley again. We last went there inMay when the wood was a sea of bluebells so it looked a lot different this time.. the bluebells were just starting to sprout but it was all very brown and muddy.

As we turned the corner by the house at the end of the track we spotted these tombstones at the edge of the wood, for Hippy June 1934 – Mar 1937 and Mott Feb 1933 – April 1937(?) and also Jakie but his dates were covered up. The little stone was for Nat 25 August 1920 – 18 August 1932 and Sheila 1931 – 1946. I wonder who they were.

We walked all…

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A trip down memory lane…

Well, actually it was more ‘a trip up memory hill’ but that didn’t sound quite right. Anyway, today the weather was really lovely so mum had the difficult choice of either doing lots of very dull accounts work or taking me for a really nice walk somewhere a bit different. A very tough decision but I gave her a nose tap and a pleading look…

We decided to go to Turners Puddle and walk up Black Hill because we’ve not been there for a proper walk since we moved house. We’ve been for short walks with Jack and Pip but when we meet up with them we usually spend most of our time playing in the water.

So, I had years of p-mail to catch up on and it was great to be walking up the old paths like we used to when we lived at our old house and came up here a lot.


We stopped to talk to some cows in the field where we once saw a couple of stags having a bit of an argument. I remember they were really noisy and a bit scary.


I found a very nice stick to take with me.


Until I found an even better one but I was a bit busy sniffing to worry about carrying a stick.


The paths along the heath hadn’t changed much at all – but there used to be an old car here, it’s mostly rusted away and you’d hardly know it had ever been there!


This is the old quarry where I remember doing my mad-bonkers-zoomies up and down the hills and paddling in the water.


And on the other side is the quarry that was sold back in 2011 – it’s had a lot of trees and gorse cleared off it but doesn’t look like much goes on there. HERE you can see what it used to be like.


This bit of our walk looked just the same as it used to.


But when we got over the top of the hill everything was different! There are hundreds and hundreds of young trees with lovely grassy areas in the middle with paths for dog walkers. It’s going to be absolutely lovely when the trees have all grown big.


Some bits are fenced off and there are big gates for dogs and people to walk through.


One day when the trees are all really big, you won’t be able to see all the village from here!


And this will be all be trees too!


There are still lots of big open spaces.


This is one of our favourite views.


Last time we were here this field had lots of cows in it but it was empty today.


We’re now back up at the top of the hill and on our way into the woods. This bit is usually quite muddy but it wasn’t too bad today.


More trees have been planted! And there’s a bench –  we do like a nice bench to sit on. You can just about see the wind turbine to the right of the christmas tree in the middle. There used to be some geocaches on the ‘Turbine Trudge’ but we haven’t done them because we didn’t really like the idea of walking near such a huge wind turbine, they’re a bit scary.


It was good to see that the old shepherd’s hut is still there. It’s looking even sadder than it did before and we’d like to pick it up and take it home with us but it’s way too big.


The forestry people had been chopping lots of trees down when we last came – you can see green piles on the right of this path and they’re overgrown piles of logs. They’ve probably left them there for the wildlife to live in.


The forestry people have been making open spaces in the trees and this pond looks new – the sign says ‘restoration work in progress’.


Look what we found – our old Munzee is still stuck on this post at Kite Hill! We haven’t been out looking for Munzees for ages and I think our account has been de-activated, maybe we should start doing it again.


One of our favourite geocaches to find is still here too – it’s a nice large one and a good spot to leave travel bugs.


We’re onto the home stretch here – just down the hill and turn left. It was along here that I chased after a deer when I was very young. I got myself lost and mum panicked a lot and whistled and shouted but I couldn’t hear her. I ended up making my way back to the car and a lady on a horse saw me and asked mum if she was looking for a small black spaniel. She ran down the hill, still shouting and whistling, and eventually I could hear her and ran to meet her. I never did that again!


When we got to the bottom of the hill we decided we weren’t ready to go home just yet so we took the little detour down by the Piddle.


And I had a little swim just like I always used to do!


There was no one at the ford today – I’d hoped I might see Jack and Pip but it wasn’t to be.


And they weren’t at the second ford either.. just a cow in the field, so we stopped to say hello.


So, that was the end of our walk – when we got back to the car the phone was down to only 1% – but at least it managed to record the whole walk and take loads of photographs. It’s really annoying if it runs out of battery before we’ve finished our walk.


This was one of the very first places that I went walking when I was a puppy so it really was a walk down memory lane… or up memory hill!

If you’d like to see a walk in 2008 when I was only 4 months old, just click HERE!


Bath time

I’m almost 9 and a half years old and I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about a bath. It’s not that I’ve never had one, I’ve had lots, but I mostly have proper baths when I visit Hilary my groomer. In between it’s just quick washes outside, or sometimes not so quick, depending on how dirty I am.

It’s not very often that I get plonked in the big human bath upstairs. Today I was. What had I done? I wasn’t particularly mucky, I’d not rolled in anything… but I got put in the bath. Apparently I’d been sent some shampoo and I needed to try it. Really? They didn’t ask us to try it and take embarrassing photos, so was it really necessary? Best not to argue with the chief feeder. Dogs need to be bathed and I’ve not had one since my last hair cut.

I always look small and sad looking when I’m wet.


After I’m wet I get lathered up, bubbles everywhere and at that point it’s not really very convenient for mum to stop and take photos because I always get an unstoppable urge to shake. Outdoors that’s allowed, but in mum’s bathroom? I don’t think so.

Anyway, after the rinse, it’s a rush for mum to get a big towel on me because by then I just can’t resist the urge any longer. It’s not very satisfactory shaking when I’ve got a towel over me but any shake is better than no shake at all. I’m not actually very good at shaking water off but it does feel good.


Two bath towels later and I’m all dried of and looking fluffy… and smelling lovely. Time for another mini shake to reorganise my hair.


Well this was today’s shampoo – it’s Neroli with soothing camomile and calendula and mum says it smells absolutely gorgeous. And now I smell absolutely gorgeous too. Personally I prefer things that smell a bit more ‘earthy’ or ‘natural’ if you know what I mean. It was sent to us by the lovely people at Chambers & Co


It also comes in Peppermint & Lavender but I really like the Neroli smell which the nice lady thought would suit me because I’m a girl.

We like natural things and they also do some excellent Natural Tick Repellent that I’ve been using since June this year, it’s made with geranium and lemongrass essential oils and sulphur. Just a couple of squirts before going out on walks. It works really well for me, I’ve had a lot less ticks, in fact I’ve not had one for weeks and weeks now.

I’m still using it but I seemed to get brownish patches where I was sprayed. I always go a bit brown round the edges when my fur grows out but we did wonder if it was the spray so mentioned it to them and they offered to give a refund. As we’re actually very happy with it we said we didn’t want a refund but they sent me some shampoo instead. No one else has had this problem so it’s probably just my age or my very sensitive fur. So, if you have a problem with ticks and don’t like the nasty spot on treatments then why not give it a go. By the way, we bought ours on Amazon but it’s cheaper if you buy it from their website… just saying!

Well, time to show you the finished dog… here I am…


Almost dry and ready to go out in the sunshine. It’s a shame they haven’t invented smelly-vision yet because I really do smell very lovely indeed.


Eek, she put my collar back on upside down. That’s so annoying, when you’re out on a walk and realise that you’re not dressed right!

Uh oh… someone’s in trouble…


While we were in the bathroom Kovu managed to sneak into the guest bedroom and made himself at home on the pillows. He rearranged the cushions as well, tee hee, obviously has good taste and can tell that they clash with the bedding!


Airfield Walk

It was lovely and sunny on Thursday so we decided to go for a walk round the airfield as we hadn’t done a full circuit there for absolutely ages. We’ve been there for mini walks but they don’t really count.


All the round bales are still there including this cute little baby bale, which is just the right size for me, and there are now quite a lot more of the big ones since we last visited.


We can wave at the horses from here – that’s our field right on the horizon, in front of the big oak tree. It’s the lone oak just to the right of centre… I don’t think they wave back at us.


There is a lot of space everywhere here.


And lots of sky as well. Sometimes I hang back so I can run really fast to catch up with mum. Or not. Sometimes I just make her wait for me. That little black dot in the distance is me.


And here’s me all caught up.


They’ve been doing some ‘landscaping’ at the wood chip factory. They’ve placed some huge logs with signs on… we’d like logs like this in our garden.


Look at this huge log pile!


Next to the log pile are lots of piles of the wood chips. We didn’t see the big chipping lorry but if you’d like to read all about the huge lorry that can turn logs into chips really fast you can find it here!


We don’t often see cars and people but today there were some people standing in one of the fields talking.


A bit further on I met this nice collie, she was in season so her dad had brought her here to keep here away from boy dogs. We had a little dance while we sniffed each other and then went on our separate walks.


Look!  A new bench! We love benches and this is number 2 on the airfield.


This one has a little plaque on it.


So it would have been rude not to sit down for a while and look at the view. Thank you Peter Gibbs.


Here are some pink bales. We wanted pink bales this year but Farmer Brian had run out of pink wrap so we had to have the boring pale green again. He said that farmers were only allowed to buy one roll each. Pfft.


Just past the bales is the big bonfire pile. It’s got pallets and all sorts on it, even some great big bits of tree, some plastic flowers, oasis, a big blue plastic barrel and sundry other interesting bits of tat.


Two tractors were out working today. The one in the last picture was smoothing out the field and the other tractor was ploughing.


This is the old bench that we usually sit on.


This is the view from Taff’s bench.


And that was the end of our walk, we were back by the big black hangar near where we park the car. There are no Lancaster Bombers in this hangar any more but sometimes there are cows…


And it’s also home to some double decker buses!

IMG_0670Another walk done.. mum forgot to switch the walk gadget on so it’s missed a chunk, but it’s almost 3½ miles all the way round. Sometimes we’ll walk down round the rectangle on the left hand side, and down to the road by the river so I can have a swim, but we didn’t do that on this walk.  The big straight line you can see used to be the main runway but that’s not there any more.


That’s it for now..


Weatherby Castle

Woof! I’d forgotten all about this fab walk until someone reminded us about Weatherby Castle! We walked here in September 2010…

Teagan Times

Today was lovely – blue sky and sunshine, just right for a nice long walk. We parked over at our usual spot in Turners Puddle and started off by walking up Kite Hill and then through the woods and down the hill past the ancient monument we found last weekend. The footpath leads down to a track that goes right down to the main road.

When we got to the main road we stopped to have a look.. there’s a gate that goes through to a layby with a bus stop and a milestone.

It was a very old milestone, you can just make out the word Dorchester but not the distance which is about 11 miles.

Anyway, we went back through the gate and along the lane  and then walked under the dual carriageway! A kind of upside down bridge under the road, mum says its called a tunnel.

This little…

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